Environmental Learning and Stewardship in Howard County, MD

HoLLIE is going VIRTUAL in 2021! 


Instead of cancelling our annual HoLLIE program of environmental learning and leadership training due to the risks of COVID-19, we will be going live with interactive classes via Webex!

2021 HoLLIE Virtual Lecture Series Online:
Climate Change: Science, Policy and Local Action

The Howard County Legacy Leadership Institute for the Environment is for people who want to turn knowledge about the environment and climate change into action in Howard County and the state of Maryland.


For 2021, we're launching Climate Change: Science, Policy and Local Action, an eight-week course of half day online sessions with NASA scientists, University of Maryland and local environmentalists, and key Howard County Government leaders. Join us and BE SAFE while you travel in outer space, the Arctic, around the world and home again!


Dates are Thursdays starting February 4 through March 25, 2021. For the detailed curriculum, scroll down to the next section on this page.  


Because we're virtual and have no field trips, we can offer this opportunity AT NO COST to up to 200 participants, but registration is required.  Those who have attended previous HoLLIE classes are welcome to register for this series as a continuing education update on the climate science.

Click to register here via Eventbrite:


Prior to February 4, we will send you the instructions and links you need in order to participate via your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

For questions, email Barbara Schmeckpeper at holliebjs@gmail.com or Betsy Singer at betsysing@gmail.com.


The 2021 HoLLIE Virtual Lecture Series Online is an abbreviated version of HoLLIE.  It will still be eight weeks of classes, but half-days,and no field trips or our usual opportunities for HoLLIE volunteer hours and graduation.  For more information on our in-person HoLLIE classes, click the About/Contact tab at the top of the page.

Climate Change: Science, Policy, and Local Action

2021 HoLLIE Virtual Lecture Series



Day One – Thursday, February 4 – Earth System Science

        9:00   Introductory remarks, lecture series relationship to larger 

                        HoLLIE institute

           9:15   Claire Parkinson, Climate Change Senior Scientist, NASA/Goddard

                        Spaceflight Center (GSFC)

                    Observing the Earth System through the Eyes of Satellites; Q&A

           10:25 Break

           10:30 Claire Parkinson, continued.

                    Climate Change & Forty Years of Sea Ice Studies; Q&A

           11:40 “Breakout Rooms” discussions


Day Two – Thursday, February 11 – Earth System Science

        9:00   Ivona Cetinic, Scientist, Universities Space Research Association,


                     Observing Living Oceans from Space; Q&A

           10:10 Break

           10:15 Kelly Brunt, Associate Research Scientist, Earth System Science

                     Interdisciplinary Center, U. of MD and NASA Cryospheric Sciences Lab


                     Understanding Change in the Polar Regions; Q&A

           11:25 “Breakout Rooms” discussions


Day Three – Thursday, February 18 – Earth System Science

           9:00  Matt Rodell, Associate Deputy Director, Hydrological Sciences Laboratory,


                     Land-based Hydrological Cycle; Q&A

           10:10 Break

           10:15 Sara Via, Professor, University of Maryland

                    How Human Intervention in the Carbon Cycle Caused Climate Change; Q&A

            11:25 “Breakout Rooms” discussions


Day Four – Thursday, February 25 – Ozone & Communicating Data Graphically

           9:00  Paul Newman, Chief Scientist for Atmospheric Sciences, NASA/GSFC

                     How the Montreal Protocol Saved the Earth's Ozone Layer; Q&A

           10:10 Break

           10:15 Lori Perkins, Data Systems Assistant Director

                     The Amazing Work of NASA's Scientific Visualization Studio; Q&A

           11:25 “Breakout Rooms” discussions


Day Five, Thursday, March 4 – Environment Policy

           9:00  Tim Lattimer, Coordinator U.S.Delegation to U.N.Climate Change

                     Conference (COP21), US Dept of State (retired)

                     International and National Environmental Policies; Q&A

           10:10 Break

           10:15 Daniel Nees, Senior Research Associate, School of Public Policy

                     University of Maryland (Environmental Finance Center &

                     Center for Global Sustainability)

                     Chesapeake Bay, Climate Change, and the Politics of Finance; Q&A

           11:25 “Breakout Rooms” discussions


Day Six, Thursday, March 11 – Howard County Government Local Action

           9:00   Lindsay DeMarzo, Sustainability Projects Manager (Stormwater),

                     Office of Community Sustainability; Q&A

           10:10 Break

           10:15 Beth Burgess, Chief, Division of Resource Conservation, Department of

                     Planning and Zoning; Q&A

           11:25 “Breakout Rooms” discussions


Day Seven, Thursday, March 18 – Howard County Government Local Action

           9:00   Dan McNamara, Superintendent, Natural and Historic Resources & Open

                     Space, Department of  Recreation & Parks; Q&A

           10:10 Break

           10:15 Mark DeLuca, Chief Bureau of Environmental Services, Deputy Director

                     Department of Public Works; Q&A

           11:25 “Breakout Rooms” discussions


Day Eight, Thursday March 25 – Saving Places We Love, Actions to Make a Difference

           9:00   Ned Tillman, Author and Sustainability Advisor

                     Human Impacts on the Chesapeake Watershed & Strategies for

                     Environmental Stewardship

           10:10 Break

           10:15 Sara Via, Research Scientist, University of Maryland/Extension

                     Climate Sustainability Actions to Make a Difference

           11:25 “Breakout Rooms” discussions

Click to download .pdf of syllabus

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