Environmental Learning and Stewardship in Howard County, MD

Bring your enthusiasm for the environment to eight weeks of classes on Thursdays starting Feb 3, 2022.

Join others who care, meet experts in the field, and make a difference in the world!

2019 Class at NASA Goddard
2019 Class at NASA Goddard

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Class at Belmont
Class at Belmont

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2020 Class at NASA Goddard
2020 Class at NASA Goddard

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2019 Class at NASA Goddard
2019 Class at NASA Goddard

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HoLLIE 2022 News and Plans

We are thrilled to report that for HoLLIE Winter 2022 we are planning to meet in person again. 

And we are also thrilled that this year we will meet in the historic
Baltimore & Ohio Ellicott City Station Museum!

Classes are 8 Thursdays, all day, starting Feb 3, 2022

Several afternoons there are field trips to other sites around Howard County

Registration is open NOW and class size is limited!  For more information see the Classes-2022 page.

And enjoy our photos in our Gallery

HoLLIE 2021 Class Materials

HoLLIE 2021 was an all virtual program due to COVID.  To view the available recordings and class materials, click here


To find resources on climate change, environmental education, volunteerism, local ecology and more, keep reading...

What's your Environmental Passion ???

Whether you have a lifetime, a day, or an hour, there is something you can do to help!

Hover or tap on the circles to find what interests you most, then click Go! to see a list of related local organizations and web resources.

Waste -

Recycling - 

Sustainability -
Resilience -

Personal Action -


Plants - Animals -

Forests - Parks -

Nature Centers


Clean Water - 

Rivers -

Chesapeake Bay and Watershed


You can start small and still help a lot!

Climate Change -

Global Climate Science -
Climate Action


Environmental Legislation - 

Environmental Justice


Farming -

Farm to Table - 

Gardens - 

Healthy Food -



  How to get started:

  • Explore the circles

  • Click Go! to see a list of web resources and related environmental organizations in and around Howard County

  • Visit their website

  • Join their email list and stay informed

  • Attend a meeting in person or online if you can

  • Volunteers are needed for everything from office work and making phone calls to event staffing, research, outdoor work, and nature walks.  There are often opportunities to help from home.

Environmental Education - 

Kids Activities -
 Resources for Kids



You can make a difference!


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