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Environmental Organizations and Resources

Click in the list below to find organizations and web resources that match your interests:

Our Partner Organizations

Our Partner Organizations

Our partner organizations will be presenting information during your classes.  These are great places to volunteer your time to help environmental causes!  


Community Ecology Institute and Freetown Farm


The mission of the Community Ecology Institute (CEI) is to enhance community health and well-being by fostering diverse connections between people and the natural world. 


Howard County Department of Recreation and Parks


Howard County offers its citizens regional, community, and neighborhood parks containing sports facilities, recreation areas for picnics, and scenic outdoor trails for hiking and exploring.  The Natural Resources division develops management plans, regulations, and outreach programs designed to preserve and protect Howard County's natural resources. 


Howard County Conservancy

The Howard County Conservancy is a local nonprofit whose mission is to educate children and adults about the natural world, preserve the land and its legacy for future generations and model responsible stewardship of our environment.


HoCo Climate Action

The mission of HoCo Climate Action is to inspire and engage the people of Howard County, Maryland, to take action to address the climate crisis.


Live Green Howard, Howard County Office of Community Sustainability

Our goal is to pro­vide a look behind the scenes of gov­ern­ment efforts to pro­tect the Howard County envi­ron­ment, offer a cen­tral loca­tion for local green infor­ma­tion and oppor­tu­ni­ties to get involved.


NASA Earth Sciences Division

The purpose of NASA's Earth science program is to develop a scientific understanding of Earth's system and its response to natural or human-induced changes, and to improve prediction of climate, weather, and natural hazards.


Patapsco Heritage Greenway

The Patapsco Heritage Greenway’s mission is to preserve, protect, interpret and restore the environment, history and culture of the Patapsco River Valley.


Patuxent Riverkeeper

Our Mission: To conserve, protect and replenish Maryland’s longest and deepest intrastate waterway.  Through strategic advocacy, restoration and education, our goal is long-term sustainability for the ecosystem of the entire Patuxent River basin and the people who rely on its future.


Ned Tillman, The Chesapeake Watershed

Our Mission is to engage as many people and organizations as possible in restoring our watersheds, both here in the Chesapeake Bay region and around the world.

Field trip to new Robinson Nature Center.jpg

Robinson Nature Center


Robinson is a nature education facility situated on 18 acres of land adjacent to the Middle Patuxent Environmental Area.  Our mission is to facilitate the enjoyment and understanding of our natural resources and to bridge the gap between people and nature.  


University of Maryland Extension – Howard County

The University of Maryland Extension service assists Howard County citizens with programs for crop and animal production, fruit and vegetables, family resources, water quality, food, nutrition and health, 4-H youth development, fair and livestock shows, gardening and horticulture.


Dr. Sara Via - ClimateCorner

Dr. Via is Professor and Climate Extension Specialist at the University of Maryland College Park.  Her website publishes newsletters, lists of resources, and a schedule of webinars on all aspects of living with and responding to Climate Change.  Sign up for the newsletter to get notices of the webinars.

Environmental Resources: Websites

Environmental Resources:  Websites

George Mason Center for Climate Change Communication

Our mission is to develop and apply social science insights to help society make informed decisions that will stabilize the earth’s life-sustaining climate, and prevent further harm from climate change. To achieve this goal, our center engages in three broad activities: we conduct unbiased communication research; we help government agencies, civic organizations, professional associations, and companies apply social science research to improve their public engagement initiatives; and we train students and professionals with the knowledge and skills necessary to improve public engagement with climate change.

NASA Earth Observatory

The Earth Observatory’s mission is to share with the public the images, stories, and discoveries about the environment, Earth systems, and climate that emerge from NASA research, including its satellite missions, in-the-field research, and models. (Formerly Northwest Earth Institute)

NWEI was founded in 1993 with a simple objective: to give people a framework to talk about our relationship with the planet and to share in discovering new ways to live, work, create and consume. Through our discussion courses and the EcoChallenge, we help people discover shared learning, shared stories and shared action.

The Story of Stuff Project

We know all about the problems -- from climate change to income inequality to political corruption. Our movies and other media focus instead on the big, exciting innovations driving the environmental and social change we need, as well as the little things individuals and communities can do to make a difference. We call it ‘Growing Solutions’.

Yale Program on Climate Change Communication

We conduct scientific studies on public opinion and behavior; inform the decision-making of governments, media, companies, and advocates; educate the public about climate change; and help build public and political will for climate action.

Click on "Visualizations and Data" to see the Yale Climate Opinion maps for the current year.  These maps show how Americans’ climate change beliefs, risk perceptions, and policy support vary at the state, congressional district, metro area, and county levels.

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Environmental Resources:  Videos

Environmental Resources: Videos

I’ve learnt the most about climate change from those who deny it | George Marshall | TEDxEastEnd (17:38)

The Story of Climate Change (April 2017) with Bill McKibben and James Hansen (12:38)

Climate Change Debate | Last Week Tonight with John Oliver |HBO (4:26)

Our Future | Morgan Freeman (3:37)

Three myths of behavior change: What you think you know that you don’t | Jeni Cross | TEDxCSU (18:32)

The moral roots of liberals and conservatives | John Haidt | TED2008 (18:42)

Ten of the best YouTube videos on climate change | CarbonBrief

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Documents of Interest

Documents of Interest

"The Value of Trees" - How helping the environment can be economically beneficial

"Optimism in Tough Times" - Paul Hawken 

Recommended Reading

Recommended Reading

Click to go to our extensive recommended reading list:

Resources for Kids

Resources for Kids

NASA EO Kids - The NASA Earth Observatory has activities and materials for kids ages 9-14 showing how NASA studies the earth from space, from the air, and from the land.

NASA has a STEM activity website designed for kids K-12

Access NASA podcasts, videos, e-books, and virtual tours

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