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HoLLIE Classes for 2022

What is this program?

8 weeks of classes on Thursdays from Feb 3 - March 23, 2022   

8:45 am - 2:30 pm

  • Presentations by earth system scientists from NASA and experts from local universities and agencies

  • Discussion of global climate change

  • Presentations on regional environmental issues, regulations, policies, enviornmental justice and health

  • Sessions on sustainability in the Chesapeake Bay and Howard County

  • Non-positional leadership skills

  • Introduction to local nature and environmental organizations and volunteer possibilities

For more details see the syllabus in the DOCUMENTS section below.

Optional: Local Environmental Service Projects 

Ages:  Ages 18+

Fees:  Tuition for 2022 is $50.00 total (includes 8 days) 




Virtual classes via Zoom and Webex. 

You can use your computer, tablet or cell phone.   

Registration Anchor


Registration is through Howard County Rec & Parks.


B&O Directions
Directions Goddard

As of today 1/6/2022, the syllabus is being updated for the new virtual classes.  Please check back again on 1/13.  

Snow Policy
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