Rise 4 Climate Fest Sep 8 in Clarksville

The HoCo Rise 4 Climate Fest will take place Sep 8 from 2-5pm at Clarksville Commons. From the devastating floods in Ellicott City, the flash flooding and high humidity throughout Howard County, and the headlines about extreme fires, heat, storms, and drought, it’s clear the climate crisis is occurring and we need action.

On September 8, Howard County will join thousands around the world to rise for climate, jobs, and justice, because real climate leadership comes from the bottom up, meaning power in the hands of people, not corporations.

Learn more: riseforclimate.org & actionnetwork.org/events/HoCo-Rise-4-Climate-2

Events: Movie clips; Presentations and discussion panels from local environmental groups upstairs; Live music at 3:00 on the plaza; A fun kids table; A giant art build; Electric car show on the plaza sponsored by the Sierra Club's Drive Electric Week.

Come and help create a fossil free future!
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