• Kim

My, Don't You Smell....Smoggy!

Another one to file under "there's no such thing as a small decision" . . . .

It turns out that personal care products are not innocents when it comes to air pollution. Not only can scented products overpower the person next to you in the elevator, but the "petroleum-based chemicals used in perfumes, paints and other consumer products can, taken together, emit as much air pollution in the form of volatile organic compounds, or V.O.C.s, as motor vehicles do."

According to the New York Times, a new study in Science reports that "V.O.C.s interact with other particles in the air to create the building blocks of smog, namely ozone, which can trigger asthma and permanently scar the lungs, and another type of pollution known as PM2.5, fine particles that are linked to heart attacks, strokes and lung cancer."

The solution? As with all things -- use less.