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Cornell Releases Climate Change Maps for Northeast

The Cornell Institute for Climate Smart Solutions (CICSS) has developed a new online tool: Climate Change in Your County

"The tool allows you to zoom in on your particular county in the Northeast to see how global climate change is really happening in your own backyard," said Art DeGaetano, professor of climatology in Cornell's Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, and director of the Northeast Regional Climate Center (NRCC) at Cornell.

The map of Northeast counties uncovers a statistical treasure trove of information. Using data supplied by the NRCC, it tracks average annual temperatures, high and low temperature trends, growing season length statistics, and annual growing degree days, along with precipitation trends and climate projections.

For instance, if you click on Howard County in the map, you can see that between 1950 and 2013 the length of the growing season increased 5.5 days per decade.

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