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Community Ecology Institute (CEI) seeks volunteers

The Community Ecology Institute (CEI) is a Howard County based non-profit organization with a mission to create socially and ecologically healthy communities by fostering connections between all people and nature. As a young organization, we are seeking volunteers with experience in non-profit development and fundraising as well as those with expertise in environmental and social sustainability that can be applied to community-scale strategies and solutions.

Our flagship program, Columbia Families in Nature (CFIN), has offered over 180 environmental exploration and education events since 2014, which have been enjoyed by over 450 distinct and diverse families. For this program we seek additional co-leaders who would enjoy sharing their love of nature with local families during our events.

You can learn more about CEI and CFIN at and

If this has piqued you interest in volunteering with us, there is very likely a helpful role you can play!

Contact ​Chiara with any questions:

Chiara D'Amore, Ph.D.

President, The Community Ecology Institute

Director, Columbia Families in Nature

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