Alpha Ridge Landfill - First Ever Free Shredded Wood Giveaway

Beginning Monday, February 10, the County’s Department of Public Works, Bureau of Environmental Services, will be giving away shredded wood at its Alpha Ridge Landfill in an effort to reduce the landfill’s stockpile. The shredded wood will be available to both contractors and Howard County residents on a first come, first served basis. This is the first time the Bureau has offered this product to the public. When the pile is gone, this free offer ENDS!

Comprised of fresh hardwood and softwood wood that has been aged for a minimum of 60 days, the pieces range in size from less than a quarter inch to six inches. The wood has not been color-treated; however, it does contain some pallet or dry kiln material. In residential areas, shredded wood can be used for garden paths, weed prevention and soil amendment, while its commercial uses include base wood for dyed mulch, erosion control, temporary access roads and soil amendment too.

The material will be available loose, not bagged, and loading small quantities in bags or containers is welcome. Please bring an appropriate hand tool for scooping material from the pile (shovel or pitchforks). Open-bed trucks or trailers can be loaded by landfill staff using bucket loaders. Residents may also utilize this List of Delivery Contractors or use their own landscaper to pick up material.

Parties interested in getting more than two cubic yards, per visit, will need to obtain a Landfill Commercial Permit from the Bureau beforehand.

Depending upon availability, fresh ground wood chips may also be available. The County’s HoCoGro Compost and Double Ground Mulch are not part of this give-away.

For further information about any of Howard County’s organic products, including wholesale pricing, visit or contact the Bureau at 410-313-6444.

Thanks to Kevin Baker for this hot tip for you gardeners out there!